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sports coaches

Whether you coach teams or individuals, at a high level or a local junior team, your players/athletes deserve your best.

To get the best out of them you need to get the best out of yourself.


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Ready to MOVE your sports coaching career to the next level?

It can be difficult to review your own coaching objectively and we’ve all been in the position where we feel out of our depth or can’t see the wood for the trees. 

Personal coach mentoring is one of the most effective ways of helping sports coaches to dramatically improve their performance and impact. 

YOU have the answers; sometimes you just need someone to help you find them.

How I can help you improve your performance as a sports coach

So, are you ready to move your coaching and input to the development of your players/performers on to the next level? If so, my role is to support you to:

Get the best out of yourself as a coach.
Get the best out of all your players and help them to get the best out of themselves.
Constructively review and improve your coaching style and effectiveness.
Learn from the best - absorbing lessons that work best for you and your players.
Acquire the knowledge and tools you need to be the coach you would like to be.

Do you suspect that there might be a better way? 

I help you to step back and identify what changes in behaviour (for both you and your players) are required to get the best returns from your efforts. This is vital to success.

I will help you to:

Optimise the quality and impact of your coaching through reflection-based coaching.
Improve the clarity you bring to what you do, why and how – with a clear focus on achieving the goals and ambitions you have for the development of your players.
Use self-reflection techniques to continuously improve how you explore and examine your coaching and its impact -helping you gain insight and move forward.